Common Malfunctions Of An Oven

May 9, 2022

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The oven is another kitchen appliance that has been an alternative way to cook food at a specific temperature. Nowadays, you can find different oven styles and types that provide you with different features that allow you to conveniently cook the food using the appliance. But, there are times when even the high-end ones are also still prone to issues. This is why it is best to identify the common oven problems and their solution so that you would know what to do next and how to prevent this from happening.

But, there are times when ovens will also need an expert repair service to ensure that it is properly checked and fixed. A certified Viking Appliance Repair in Redondo Beach is expertly trained and experienced in handling Viking Oven Repair and ensures that any minor or major issues are properly assessed and fixed to ensure that you can use the oven for quite a while.

Here are some of the common issues of the oven to watch out for:

Incorrect Oven Temperature

  • Whenever you preheat the oven, it should maintain your set temperature. If the display shows a higher temperature than the one you have set, or the food is always overcooked, you will need to calibrate the temperature controls of the oven.

Oven Won’t Turn On

  • Major kitchen appliances like ovens should have their circuit to help prevent breakers from tripping.

Oven Light Doesn’t Work

  • First, try to replace the bulb. If it doesn’t work, you could be looking at a faulty switch, electronic control, or connecting wire. Due to this high risk of electrocution, let an appliance repair expert handle the oven issue.

Oven Door Won’t Open or Shut

  • If the door doesn’t open after its self-cleaning cycle, start to unplug the unit or shut off the circuit breaker for five minutes. Once the power is restored, gently move the door lever and see if you can open the door. If still, it doesn’t work, reset the self-clean cycle and allow it to work for 15 minutes, move the door lock lever and try to open the door again.

Oven Won’t Self-Clean

  • Different issues can prevent the oven from self-cleaning. First, make sure that the door switch locks the oven properly since the self-cleaning cycle won’t start unless the door is locked. Another possible cause is the temperature control thermostat, wiring, oven control board, or the thermal fuse. Doing a test and fixing these components will need special skills and tools to ensure a proper repair. Leave the repair to an appliance expert like Viking Repair Squad.

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The oven is another option for cooking your favorite food, and it is also convenient to use. But, if it needs an expert repair, call Viking Repair Squad immediately. We can assist you in scheduling an appointment for the repair at your convenience.