What Can Cause Viking Oven Not To Work?

May 13, 2022

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The oven is another good option for you to cook food. To cook, you will need to set the right temperature for the food to cook thoroughly. There are different types of the oven that you can choose from and also includes the designs and features that will provide you with a lot of convenience in cooking.

Throughout its lifespan, you will notice some problems with the oven, which can affect its full functionality. Although this rarely happens to know the quality of the oven, it is important to know what are the Common Malfunctions of an Oven to look out for. But, if the appliance needs a professional repair, Viking Appliance Repair in Whittier is here to assist you. The team of expert technicians offers a full range of Viking Oven Repair and ensures that all possible issues are properly addressed and fixed.

Ovens are designed to heat up at a specific temperature to cook the food properly and thoroughly. To prevent the food from being undercooked or overcooked, you must preheat the appliance to reach the right cooking temperature. But, if you notice that your Viking oven is not working as it should be, there are different factors to consider.

Bake Igniter Has Gone Out

This is a part of the oven that will generally last for some time. There are times that it stops working completely or doesn’t get hot enough. Although you may see it flow, it doesn’t reach a certain temperature, and the gas safety valve will not open.

Thermostat Cuts Off too Soon

When this happens, you will need to replace the oven’s thermostat. A Viking oven has a simple operation. The thermostat then sends power to the igniter, which turns on the gas. If the communication does not happen properly, your oven will not heat up to the desired temperature.

Clog In the Gas Valve Outlet

This issue can be due to corrosion, grease or carbon. This could be especially common in older units. When this part does not get enough current to open, you will be able to experience a low burner rate or slow heating rimes. In this case, you will need a professional repair service to solve the issue.

Defective Heating Element

Many ovens have more than one heating lament, and usually, it’s on the top and one at the bottom. The one at the bottom is called the baking element. If one of the elements is not working, the oven may not get warm but not hot, and certainly, it won’t reach the temperature set.

Problem With the Heat Sensor Probe

You will be able to find this part on the back wall of the oven near the top. It is like a piece of metal. Once the oven is turned on and gets to the desired temperature, the probe tells the relay to cut the power. 

Other issues include Faulty Oven Door and Electrical Issues.

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If you happen to encounter some issues with your oven, it can be due to different parts that need immediate attention to have it fixed. Call Viking Repair Squad to assist you and get your oven up and running in no time.