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Redondo Beach is a scenic coastal city in Los Angeles County, California, in the United States. It is located in the South Bay of the Greater Los Angeles area. It is one of the beach cities situated along the south portion of Santa Monica Bay. It has an estimated 2020 population of 71,576 residents.

Redondo Beach was part of the 1785 Spanish land grant, Rancho San Pedro, that later became the South Redondo area. Its primary attractions include its Municipal Pier and its sandy beach, attracting thousands of tourists and sports enthusiasts each year.


The Redondo Beach area was once the lookout place of native Chowigna Indians, particularly the present-day Hopkins Wilderness Park site. In contrast, the wetlands at the site of today's AES power plant served as a source of food such as lobster, halibut, sea bass, and salt.

The Chowigna Indians bartered salt with other tribes in the 1700s. Their village by the lake was called "Place of Salt," or "Onoova-nga." The natives got their salt supply from the old Redondo Salt Lake, a spring-fed lake 200 yards wide and 600 yards long.

When Manuel Dominguez sold 215 acres of his ranch to Henry Allanson and William Johnson for the Pacific Salt Works in 1854, the Chowigna natives were relocated to missions.


The lifestyle of Redondo Beach is a blend of the neighborhoods, people, and activities of the three beach cities in California's South Bay. Redondo was known as "The Gem of the Continent" in 1887 by the Los Angeles Daily Herald.

Redondo's beach starts below the Palos Verdes bluffs in the south and carries to the Redondo Pier to the north. The beach in Palos Verdes is popularly known as "RAT (Right After Torrance) Beach."

Surfing is part of the South Bay lifestyle all year round. Winter storms in the Pacific Ocean turn placid and rolling South Bay waves into large and sometimes dangerous waves, drawing many surfers in the area. Wave heights can grow as tall as 15 to 20 feet. Redondo Beach is also the filming site of the television series Baywatch.

Beach volleyball is another part of Redondo Beach's lifestyle. The AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) manages professional tournaments in neighboring Manhattan and Hermosa Beach. Redondo Beach is home to Kerri Walsh, a gold medalist.

Nowadays, Redondo Beach is also known for using modern Viking appliances. Viking appliances are an important part of the lifestyle of many Redondo Beach residents. These appliances provide comfort and convenience, especially during extreme weather conditions.

When such advanced appliances break down and fail, residents turn to a reliable Viking appliances repair service in Redondo Beach. Thus, Viking Repair Squad was established to provide complete and high-quality appliance repair services in the city.

We at Viking Repair Squad are certified to service and repair all types and models of Viking appliances. No appliance problem is too difficult for our team of dedicated appliance experts. We provide repairs anywhere within these zip codes in Redondo Beach: 90278, 90277. So for all your appliance repair needs, count on the appliance professionals that provide lasting and effective repair solutions in Redondo Beach. You can also avail yourself of our Viking appliance repair in Long Beach.

Why Us?

  • We are the number one choice for Viking repair in Redondo Beach.
  • We employ local appliance experts who are certified and qualified to handle any Viking appliances.
  • We use genuine Viking components for parts replacement to ensure 100% compatibility.
  • We provide quick, efficient, and affordable repair services.
  • We offer same-day Viking repair services.
  • We provide convenient in-home repairs so you won't have to leave the comfort of your home.
  • We provide round-the-clock customer service support to address your inquiries.

So choose only the best Viking appliance repair service provider in Redondo Beach. Book our services today, and enjoy all these benefits and more without breaking the bank.


Unmatched Viking Repair Service In Redondo Beach

When you invest in a premium home and kitchen appliance, you don't want just any appliance technician to service, repair, and maintain it. You will want a team of skilled appliance experts to fix your built-in refrigerator, freestanding refrigerator, ice maker, wine cellar, stove, oven, freestanding range, rangetop, or cooktop. Viking Repair Squad is what you need. With our years of service in the appliance repair industry, expect that we know your Viking appliances well. Hence, we can accurately diagnose and repair your appliances without worries. Our services are quick and effective, so rest assured we'll have you back to your daily routine in the shortest time possible. Our Viking repair service is unmatched, ensuring only the highest quality repairs for your appliances.
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Viking Built-In Refrigerator Repair Redondo Beach

Don’t just settle for any fridge repair service when you can book our Viking built-in refrigerator repair in Redondo Beach.


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For all your freestanding fridge repair needs, book the most trusted Viking freestanding refrigerator repair in Redondo Beach.

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No other Viking oven repair in Redondo Beach offers the same high-quality repair services as we do.

Viking Freestanding Range Repair | Viking Repair Squad

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Viking Cooktop Repair Redondo Beach

For cooktop repair that you can trust, book only the most reliable Viking cooktop repair in Redondo Beach.

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