Why is Your Viking Indicator Light Not Working?

April 5, 2022

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So, you asked why your Viking oven indicator light won’t turn on?

It might be a malfunctioning light switch, a failed control board, a broken tumbler switch, a burnt light socket, or just a poor bulb if the light inside your oven isn’t working. You can change the light bulb yourself if it’s broken. A glass dome protects the light bulb in a Viking oven. The lid may shatter if it is not removed properly. The bulb has two prongs that go into the oven’s receptacle. Contact Viking Repair Squad to get the right bulb for your oven.

Here is what you need to do to check and DIY repairs your Viking Oven

Note: The glass cover may be removed, and the bulb replaced without any tools.

  • Disconnect the oven’s electrical line from the wall outlet. This is a precaution that should be followed anytime any work on any electrical item is being done.
  • Locate the glass dome beneath which the bulb is attached by opening the oven door. To make it simpler to reach the bulb, remove the oven racks.
  • When a bulb inside an oven burns out, you can generally replace the bulb on your own. If you replace a light bulb in an oven and the oven ceases to work, it may be due to several things that occurred during the replacement of the bulb.
  • Remove the glass dome by pushing it to one side and dragging it down.
  • Remove the bulb from the socket. The bulb has two prongs that go into the oven’s receptacle.
  • Plug the new bulb into the receptacle to complete the installation. Replacing the glass dome is as simple as inserting one side and twisting the other upward. The electrical wire should be plugged into the socket.

If you replaced the light bulb, but now the oven won’t work, here is what you should do!

When a light bulb in an oven burns out, you can usually replace it yourself. If you change a light bulb in an oven and it stops working, it might be due to various factors during the bulb replacement.

Shutting Off the Electricity

Always switch off the electricity to your oven before changing a bulb. You may do this by unplugging the electrical socket or flicking the breaker in your home’s breaker box to cut off the electricity in the kitchen. Although changing an oven light bulb while the power is on is occasionally possible without incident, there is a risk that the bulb will short the circuit, causing the light socket or the entire oven to cease operating.

Check the Breaker

If you changed a bulb in an oven while it was still plugged in and the oven stopped operating, check the breaker box first. When you change a bulb in an oven that is still powered on, an electrical surge might occur, causing the breaker to trip. Because an oven frequently has its breaker in the breaker box, it’s conceivable that the breaker has been turned on even though the kitchen’s electricity is still on.

Change the Fuse

The oven has its fuse if your property has a fuse box rather than a breaker box. Unlike a breaker, a blown fuse must be changed, which may be turned back on to restore power to the oven. The fuse for the oven is usually labeled, much like the breaker box. By checking the fused color in the fuse box, you may detect if the oven fuse has blown. A healthy fuse has a translucent appearance, but a blown fuse has a black tinge.

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