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Our Viking Induction Cooktop Repair at Viking Repair Squad is available 24/7! Our team of factory-certified repair technicians is always on-call, ensuring there is always someone there to be of assistance.

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Viking Induction Cooktop Repair Service

Induction cooking technology has been around since 1933, but its potential as an alternative way of cooking was only realized around 1970 when the first induction stove was manufactured. As time passed, the technology was further polished and developed until it started to make waves in our current time because of its efficiency compared to other types like gas and electric.

Unlike traditional methods, Induction cooking has shown to be more efficient — showing up to 70% reduction of energy consumption. In addition, unlike gas and electric cookers that use open flames or heating elements for heat, induction cookers use electromagnetism to heat the pans directly. This method channels 90% of all the energy to the pan, minimizing wasted energy and maximizing heat.

With how efficient induction technology has become, manufacturers like Viking have incorporated it into their cooking appliances, including cooktops.

Cooktops are reliable sources of heat for cooking and heating. They come in gas and electric models and have been the center of any home kitchen. Their design being flush with any countertop gives kitchens a clean and sleek appearance while still maintaining functionality.

The Viking brand has been one of the best appliance manufacturing brands globally and has produced quality luxury appliances for both professionals and home cooks alike. Their pursuit of creating the best appliances for their customers developed their induction cooktops, garnering many positive reviews.

But, even with all the positive reviews and amazing engineering, Viking appliances are still susceptible to wear and tear, especially if used regularly. When this happens, call a Viking-certified repair company to help out. Call Viking Repair Squad!

Certified Viking Induction Cooktop Repair Service, Anytime

Luxury appliances like Viking need a professional touch whenever it needs to be serviced. Why? Unlike other regular appliances, luxury appliances have more special parts to accommodate the unique features they have. For inexperienced repair technicians, they might tinker around your unit and accidentally damage parts that they are not quite familiar with. If this happens, you could spend more than what you originally prepared for.

Our professional repair technicians are not only veterans in appliance repair and maintenance but are also factory-trained and certified. Factory certification means that our repair technicians have undergone specialized training on Viking appliances to further their knowledge of their technology and build to know what to do right away whenever they would repair them. Certification is also a guarantee that our team’s quality of work matches the manufacturer’s standards.

Other perks that come with being certified are as follows:

  • Services and parts are covered under a comprehensive warranty. Whenever a certified repair technician works on your unit, their service, and parts used are covered by the manufacturer’s comprehensive warranty, guaranteeing the quality of what was done for your unit.
  • They offer in-warranty repairs. When appliances are still under warranty, they are only allowed to be repaired by the manufacturer or their authorized representatives. If, in any event, a different repair technician tinkers with your unit, they break the conditions of the warranty and voids it. A certified repair company is considered as authorized representatives of the manufacturer, so whenever your unit acts up and is still under warranty, we can work on it on behalf of the manufacturer and do all the necessary repairs that the warranty covers — saving you a couple of dollars in the process.

We Care For You

Viking Repair Squad has always made an effort to make each service we give as stress-free as possible. From the time you call our service team down to the actual repair by our factory-certified repair technicians, we ensure that you are getting quality service. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality repair and maintenance servicing has been why we have been able to continue for this long.

We also offer Viking Appliance Repair Service in Mesa!

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