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There is no problem Viking Repair Squad can't handle, and that's what makes us a great choice as a Viking service center. With our team of certified technicians who conduct first-rate repairs, there's no one else as capable as us for your Viking Freestanding Dual Fuel Range repairs!

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Viking Freestanding Dual Fuel Range Repair Service: Keeping the Sustainable Flames

Viking is a popular brand producing a wide range of appliances that help homeowners with their chores at home. For example, food preparation, storage, and preservation are essential chores that will help you save more money from buying food items all the time. Viking is also known to provide hi-tech appliances with a durability that can let the units last a lifetime.

A Viking freestanding dual fuel range is a good investment when it comes to owning kitchen appliances. A range is a staple appliance at home that allows you to prepare different types of dishes simultaneously. With that helpful feature, you can already save more time to spend with your loved ones as you expect to share the sumptuous meal with them at the dining table.

Technical Issues are Not Always Inevitable

Notwithstanding, technical issues are not always inevitable. Even if you own the latest cooking appliance from Viking, you may still encounter problems such as:

  • The pilot light not working
  • Burner elements not producing flames
  • Clicking sounds seem to eternally continue even when you turn off the system
  • Non-heating of the oven
  • Interior light not working
  • The self-cleaning mechanism of the oven is not working 
  • Sparks are produced when the unit is plugged into a power source
  • The coils are not fully connected to the cooking appliance
  • Physical damages are visible

These problems can cause frustrations and disappointments as your chores are hindered or slowed down. Remember! Fixing the appliance problems on your own is not DIY. If you are not knowledgeable about repairing electronics, you may cause more damage to your units, making you spend more money buying a new functional unit. It is best to call the aid of professionals.

We Can Fix the Issues!

Don’t fret! We can provide you with a high-quality Viking freestanding dual fuel range repair service that will fix the issues in your kitchen. We are a team of licensed technicians that are knowledgeable in handling different Viking unit issues. Our professionals use the right tools to operate delicate parts of a malfunctioning appliance. They are also au fait in formulating effective solutions to arising problems during the operation.

We Have a Mission!

We assure you that our services will keep the sustainable flames in your kitchen so that you can prepare good food for your family. We aim to deliver our best services right at your doorstep at an affordable cost. Our goal is to lead the industry with our standard methodology.

We are a Certified Company!

We are a certified company that specializes in Viking repairs. We also provide a Viking Freestanding Electric Range Repair for electrically operated units if you own a different Viking range model. Yes, we do not box our company into fixing one type of appliance only. Our tenure helped us acquire information to make the repairs more efficient.

Do you have any issues with your appliances at home? Hire our experts now by booking a schedule with Viking Repair Squad.

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