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Our Viking Appliance Repair in Playa Del Rey is the only service that can bring durable and authentic solutions to your faulty Viking Appliances. With Viking Repair Squad, all defects and issues will be efficiently repaired!

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Professional Viking Appliances Repair Service in Playa Del Rey

Viking Appliances Repair Service  Playa Del Rey | Viking Repair Squad

The affluent seaside community of Playa del Rey is a coastal neighborhood and Los Angeles district city. With a growing population of 16 230, and a total area spanning over 11.772 square miles, Playa del Rey has a population density of 9,424 people per square mile. Playa Del Rey is directly in front of the neighborhood is the Playa Del Rey Beach, a wide sandy beach that features volleyball courts, a paved bike path, and a grass park across the street with a kid's playground and basketball courts. The area is perfect for Volleyball, Skating, Sunbathing, Swimming, and Beach Walking.

Playa del Rey is located in the Santa Monica Bay and the Westside region of Los Angeles, California, United States. The Pacific Ocean borders the community to the west, Marina del Rey and Ballona Creek to the north, Ballona Wetlands and Playa Vista to the northeast, Westchester to the east, and El Segundo to the south. Playa Del Rey is peripherally located, south and west of the heart of Silicon Beach and is directly north of the Los Angeles Airport.

Playa del Rey is a Spanish term that translates to "Beach of the King". But before the seaside community got its name, Playa Del Rey was originally called Palisades del Rey. In 1921, the neighborhood was an area of custom-built houses owned by Hollywood producers and actors.

If you live in the following zip code, 90293, you'll be pleased to know that our Viking Appliances Repair Service IN Playa Del Rey is just one call away! Viking Repair Squad only hires the best technicians in the industry. With intensive technical training, extensive practical experience, and certifications, we can assure you that your appliances are under the care of professional hands. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your units to ensure that every faulty component is spotted and that no defect is overlooked.

Imagine waking up in the morning and discovering that all the food in your refrigerator is now inedible. Or preparing all the ingredients to cook your favorite dish, but as you turn on the stove, it doesn't click, and no fire comes out. It is undeniable that it is severely inconvenient and stressful when your appliance malfunctions. Because not only does it compromise you, but it's also very difficult to fix. For dire situations like these, you need professional assistance that will help you every step of the way. Availing of professional repair services is more beneficial than you think, as it is safer, convenient, practical, and cost-efficient. And with the help of a credible repair service provider, it's even more worth it. If you're looking for the perfect partner for your worries, Viking Repair Squad is perfect for the job. Viking Repair Squad is a certified repair service provider that is an expert in giving efficient, fast, and durable service. With the availability of our quality Viking Appliances Repair Service in Playa Del Rey, work with actual professionals to get the job as soon as possible.

Viking Repair Squad specializes in servicing all models of Viking appliances. We strive to deliver the best, most trustworthy, and most skilled service to every customer. We understand the need for your appliances to run efficiently; that is why we are here to make sure all your appliances are in peak condition with the help of the best-licensed technicians in your local area. There is nothing that our services can't fix! Don't hesitate to call so we can set your appointments and get the job done immediately.

You may also inquire about Viking Appliance Repair in Palos Verdes Peninsula for more access to our exceptional services.

Why Choose Us

Viking Repair Squad has always been one of the most reliable and worldly renowned repair service providers in the industry. And with years of service excellence, it’s not hard to see why! There’s a lot of reasons why Viking Repair Squad is the perfect contractor for fixing your faulty viking appliances.

  • Over the years, the professionals of Viking Repair Squad have continued the pursuit of providing state-of-the-art repair which has earned us many certifications and accolades recognizing the services we provide..
  • The credibility of Viking Repair Squad is always exemplified by the professionalism of our licensed technicians, which are all very proficient in handling any concerns regarding your viking Appliance units.
  • And last but not the least, is the affordability of our service is proof that quality service does not always equate to expensive fees.

Call Viking Repair Squad and experience the best repair service!


Try Our Ultimate Viking Repair Service!

The most notable advantage of availing our Viking repair service is its versatility and inclusivity. Our services work on any type and brand of appliance. So whether you need a simple fix, replacement, installation, maintenance, calibration, or troubleshooting, rest assured that we will be able to carry out the necessary procedures to get your viking Appliances back on their feet.

Here are the following Viking Repair Service you can choose from:

  • Viking Built-In Refrigerator Repair 
  • Viking Freestanding Refrigerator Repair
  • Viking Ice Maker Repair 
  • Viking Wine Cellars Repair 
  • Viking Stove Repair 
  • Viking Oven Repair
  • Viking Freestanding Range Repair 
  • Viking Rangetops Repair 
  • Viking Cooktop Repair 

Our years of experience and expertise, has allowed us to develop and perfect our methods and techniques, in order to holistically fix all appliances under the brand. Viking Repair Squad has everything you need and more! Call our hotlines now!

Viking Built-In Refrigerator Repair | Viking Repair Squad

Viking Built-In Refrigerator Repair Playa Del Rey

Avail our Viking Built-In Refrigerator Repair in Temecula and get every component of your built-in refrigerator unit thoroughly checked.


Viking Freestanding Refrigerator Repair Playa Del Rey

Accessing our excellent Viking Freestanding Refrigerator Repair in Playa Del Rey; will guarantee the systematic reparation of your refrigerator units.

Viking Ice Maker Repair | Viking Repair Squad

Viking Ice Maker Repair Playa Del Rey

Accessing our Viking Ice Maker Repair in Playa Del Rey will ensure the total reparation of your Ice Maker units.

Viking Wine Cellar Repair | Viking Repair Squad

Viking Wine Cellars Repair Playa Del Rey

If your Viking wine cellar is not cooling quickly call Viking Repair Squad and avail our Viking Wine Cellars Repair in Playa Del Rey.

Viking Stove Repair | Viking Repair Squad

Viking Stove Repair Playa Del Rey

Access our Viking Stove Repair in Playa Del Rey to eradicate the grease build-up and debris blocking the gas flow of your Viking Stove.

Viking Oven Repair | Viking Repair Squad

Viking Oven Repair Playa Del Rey

Our incredible Viking Oven Repair in Playa Del Rey will easily revamp any defect that’s compromising the function of your viking oven.

Viking Freestanding Range Repair | Viking Repair Squad

Viking Freestanding Range Repair Playa Del Rey

Don’t let minor range issues impede the utility of your range units. Access our Viking Freestanding Range Repair in Playa Del Rey now!

Viking Rangetops | Viking Repair Squad

Viking Rangetops Repair Playa Del Rey

Our high-caliber Viking Rangetops Repair in Playa Del Rey will excellently troubleshoot all Viking rangetop repair issues without fail!

Viking Cooktop Repair | Viking Repair Squad

Viking Cooktop Repair Playa Del Rey

Accessing our quality Viking Cooktop Repair in Playa Del Rey will maintain the optimal performance of your Viking Cooktop units.

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