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As a homeowner, you have to take care of so many things around the house, especially in terms of repair and maintenance to ensure that your living condition stays in great condition. So if you need a reliable Viking appliance repair in Manhattan Beach, don't hesitate to contact Viking Repair Squad because we offer affordable rates and have the best reputation in the business!

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Manhattan Beach is a city in California's western Los Angeles County. Surrounding areas include El Segundo to the north, Hermosa Beach to the south, and Redondo Beach on its southwestern border. The city's beach is popular for sunbathing and swimming. It was home to "Muscle Beach," a picnic area and now a historic landmark. The city hosts the annual Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Tournament and pier jump around Labor Day.

Manhattan Beach is home to four public elementary schools (Meadows, Manhattan Heights, Bay School of the Arts, and Ocean), two public middle schools (Manhattan Beach Middle School and Miraleste Intermediate School), and two public high schools (Mira Costa High School and Mira Costa Transportation Center), a private school, a charter school, an independent study program run by the local Boys & Girls Club, a regional occupational center for adults with disabilities operated by LACOE in conjunction with the South Bay Regional Occupational Program.

The city is also home to a small percentage of residents who are homeschooled or attend private schools. The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services SPA 5 West Area Health Office serves Manhattan Beach. You won't have trouble getting the best Viking appliances repair service in Manhattan Beach because you can simply call Viking Repair Squad!

Manhattan Beach is known for its beach. The city hosts an annual beach volleyball tournament and pier jump around Labor Day weekend, drawing thousands of spectators. The city also hosts an annual AVP volleyball tournament and USA Beach Volleyball Championship.

The city's pier is a popular fishing spot, and its wide beach has been called "Manhattan Beach Pier" in surf media. South of the pier is Muscle Beach, a historic landmark and famous tourist attraction popularized in the 1950s as a venue where professional athletes worked out.

The city is also home to Viking Repair Squad, a kitchen appliance repair company founded many years ago. The company repairs most kitchen appliances such as ovens and refrigerators. They offer three-month warranties on the parts they install and one year warranty for labor costs. They are available for service 24/7.

All of their technicians are background checked and drug tested before being hired by Viking Repair Squad, or any company for that matter. Their technicians have attended four-year universities in the United States for engineering degrees.

In addition, the company is now offering free diagnostic services. No upfront costs are required from Viking Repair Squad's customers. Viking Repair Squad is currently servicing locations that include Manhattan Beach and other neighboring areas.

Repairing a kitchen appliance can be very expensive for individuals who do not have warranties on their appliances. This may cost a customer a hefty bill. There are other ways for getting one's appliances fixed, but Viking Repair Squad is the most cost-effective way to have appliances fixed because of their free diagnostic service and low labor costs that they offer on every service call.

One of their clients was not satisfied with both companies who had tried to fix her dishwasher. She had called Viking Repair Squad, and they sent a technician the same day. He fixed her dishwasher in less than an hour at a low cost due to a malfunctioning washer hose. So if you need a reliable Viking appliances repair service in Manhattan Beach, contact Viking Repair Squad today!

The company offers services to many locations, including 90266, 90267. You can also recommend Viking appliances repair in Rolling Hills to your loved ones who need repair services!

Why Choose Us

Kitchen Appliances play a vital role in our kitchen and can be purchased from any appliance store. Suppliers of such appliances often offer service after sales to their customers, but there are times when you have to call Viking Repair Squad for such repair services.

The reasons when you may need it:

  1. You might have purchased an expensive appliance on sale at the store, but you may not prefer taking it to the store for service. You can book our technicians to look at it on your behalf rather than wasting time sending your appliance back and forth to the store.
  2. Similarly, sometimes people are offered discounts when they purchase appliances and installation. In such a case, they may not want to pay the full price for the service when it comes time.
  3. Some appliances are quite heavy and bulky in size. When you have moved from one place to another, sometimes it is difficult to transport your appliances from one place to another to reach a store or a technician.

If you want to get immediate repair services, talk to our specialists today to book an appointment!


Enjoy Our Viking Repair Service!

Viking Repair Squad is a full-service repair company that offers customers affordable and reliable repairs for appliances within their homes. You can rely on Viking Repair Squad for quality service from the refrigerator to the oven.

Our company offers repairs to all kinds of home appliances. With years of experience, we have acquired the knowledge and expertise to complete various repairs, from minor repairs such as replacing a burner or oven element to more extensive repairs that require parts replacement.

Viking Repair Squad offers a wide range of services for home appliances, both major and minor repairs. With years of combined experience, our trained professionals are qualified to complete repairs ranging from more simple, like replacing a burner or oven element, to more complicated jobs that require replacement parts. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to complete any job within your home.

If you need a professional Viking repair service, simply call our specialists today to get a consultation or appointment!

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If you want to keep your freestanding refrigerator in great condition, you should talk to our technicians today and enjoy our top-notch Viking freestanding refrigerator repair in Manhattan Beach!

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If you have issues with your wines because of poor storage, it’s time to contact our technicians to get our top-rated Viking wine cellars repair in Manhattan Beach, so book an appointment with us today!

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If you need help with your faulty stoves, it’s better to consult with our experts because we can offer you a reliable Viking stove repair in Manhattan Beach, so don’t hesitate to book an appointment now!

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Viking Oven Repair Manhattan Beach

If you want to get the best Viking oven repair in Manhattan Beach, make sure to call our experts today because we offer top-quality services to help you save time and money, so contact us today!

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Viking Freestanding Range Repair Manhattan Beach

If you’re looking for an effective Viking freestanding range repair in Manhattan Beach, you can trust our technicians to deliver outstanding results within hours, so don’t forget to book your appointment now!

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If you need to fix your broken range tops, you can get help from our top-notch Viking rangetops repair in Manhattan Beach, which offers you the latest equipment and technology, so talk to our experts now!

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Viking Cooktop Repair Manhattan Beach

If you’re concerned about your cooktops, it’s highly recommended to choose our excellent Viking cooktop repair in Manhattan Beach, and be amazed by the end results, so call our technicians today!

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