Differences Of A Kitchen Range, Stove, and Cooktops

June 2, 2022

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Nowadays, you can find different cooking appliances that have different styles, designs and even features that provide a lot of conveniences when it comes to cooking. But regardless of its quality, there are some instances that you might encounter some problems that can affect how the appliance works. You may use a Viking service locator when you face issues with your Viking cooking appliances and connect with the professionals fast.

When it comes to repairing service needs, Stove repair services in Chicago are here to help you. The team of professionally trained repair technicians will ensure to diagnose the appliance’s problem to determine the main cause and do the necessary repairs for the appliance. Guarantees to deliver quality and long-lasting solutions to any issues with your cooking appliance.

Viking Repair Squad in Chicago is one of the area’s trusted and certified repair service companies. The team has been in the industry for many years with a team of licensed and certified repair technicians who can provide you with the best quality repair services for any Viking appliances such as range, cooktop, or stove. A thorough diagnosis will be made to determine the main cause of the issue using the right tools and equipment for the repair. The team ensures to deliver top-of-the-line repairs for your appliance.

It is a common question to many homeowners regarding the difference between the range, stove and even the cooktop? There are some instances where the word range and stove are interchangeable. A range is a one-piece unit that includes a cooktop area with the zones that cook using the gas, electricity or induction. Majority of the ranges for home use measure 30″ -36″ in width. At the same time, the commercial sizes can go up in size from there. The range is also a common kitchen appliance found in different American homes.

On the other hand, the cooktop is built into a counter and is usually paired with a separate wall oven. It is a flat, open surface that you do a sear and saute on, and it doesn’t have an oven below. The cooktops can also be powered using gas, electricity or induction to heat the food. The cooktop sizes are available also in 30″ and 36″ sizes. The cooktop needs a cutout in the countertop where it will be “dropped” into the hole. A range needs a break in the length of the counter, and you will have a separate piece of countertop on each side.

Deciding on what type of cooking appliance you need is often determined by the type of cooking you do and the space available in your kitchen. When designing your kitchen, you should always consider the exhaust options. The range hood can be attached to the wall, hang freely from the ceiling, or be a downdraft style.

Each cooking appliance provides you with the best experience for cooking your favorite dishes. Determining which type will be the best for your needs, you can choose based on your daily cooking needs.

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There are different styles and types of cooking appliances, and you can choose from a range of stoves and cooktops. If it shows some issues, don't hesitate to call Viking Repair Squad to assist you.