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Stony Brook is a small census-designated place in Suffolk County, New York. It is located in the Town of Brookhaven on the North Shore of Long Island. The hamlet began as an agricultural enclave in the colonial era.

Stony Brook experienced rapid growth as a resort town and one of Long Island's major tourist towns and educational centers. Despite being referred to as a village, Stony Brook has never legally incorporated as such. It had an estimated 2010 population of 13,740 residents.

The CDP lies adjacent to the main campus of Stony Brook University, New York's largest public university. It is also home to the Stony Brook Village Center and the Long Island Museum of American Art, History, and Carriages.

In the past, Stony Brook was known by natives as Wopowog. It was first settled in the 17th century. The area then became known as Stoney Brook, referring to the interconnected bodies of water at the western edge. It began as a satellite community of adjacent Setauket, New York.

In 1699, a gristmill was built on the body of water present-day Mill Pond. The original structure was replaced in 1751 and continued to grind grain until the 1940s. It has since been repurposed for public tours.

Stony Brook was a remote area throughout the 18th century. It had a modest amount of commerce near the mill located at Harbor Road and Main Street. However, its development was stalled due to its poorly accessible harbor.

Local painter William Sidney Mount, in the 1840s, led a call for the harbor's dredging. The process was completed twice, but the effort was abandoned when the harbor filled in both times. Lacking the resources of neighboring harbor settlements, Stony Brook relied on agriculture and the cordwood industry.

The Long Island Rail Road soon reached the hamlet of Stony Brook in the 1870s. It created an easy link between the CDP and New York City. Stony Brook quickly became a popular summer resort destination for city dwellers wanting to escape the stresses of urban life.

The establishment of the Stony Brook Assembly in 1909 also helped draw more residents to the area. Many newcomers constructed houses and cottages made for year-round use.

As of the 2010 census, Stony Brook had 4,758 households and 3,787 families. With an area of 5.9 square miles, it had a population density of 2,390.5 people per square mile. Only about 0.2 square miles of the CDP is water.

Like many modernized communities in New York, Stony Brook and its residents prefer the comfort and convenience of high-tech Viking appliances. These appliances help residents simplify even the most tedious of household chores.

However, even the most advanced home appliances break down over time. Viking appliances require a certified appliance technician to fix. Hence, Viking Repair Squad was established in the CDP.

Together with our skilled and certified Viking technicians, we provide high-quality Viking appliances repair service in Stony Brook within the 11790 zip code. So call us anytime you need to have your dependable Viking appliances repaired by a professional.

Book our services online or through our repair hotline. Then, schedule a service appointment, and enjoy top-notch repairs unlike any other. We also provide superior Viking appliance repair in Bridgehampton.

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Viking Repair Squad has been in service in Stony Brook for years. With the reputation we created for our years of service, we are now one of the most trusted names in appliance repair, known for providing high-quality repair services at very modest prices. In addition, our appliance specialists are well-known for their expertise, skill, friendly nature, and prompt response. You won't find other repair companies that offer the same quality repairs as we do, exceeding even your highest expectations of what an appliance repair service should be. So choose Viking Repair Squad for all your repair needs, as we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction every time.


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You use most of your household appliances almost every day. But, unfortunately, you often fail to give them the proper care, maintenance, and repairs they need, resulting in unforeseen problems. With Viking Repair Squad, all your appliance problems are our specialty. With world-class appliance technicians doing the repairs for us, we guarantee you will receive only the best results. We can fix and maintain your fridge, ice maker, wine cellar, stove, cooktop, oven, range, rangetop, and other Viking appliances. Give our repair hotline a ring, and we'll be happy to deliver a quick and high-quality Viking repair service right to your doorstep.
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Viking Ice Maker Repair Stony Brook

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Viking Wine Cellars Repair Stony Brook

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Viking Stove Repair Stony Brook

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Viking Oven Repair Stony Brook

Have your oven repaired by authorized Viking specialists by booking our Viking oven repair in Stony Brook.

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Viking Freestanding Range Repair Stony Brook

For all your freestanding range repair needs, get our Viking freestanding range repair in Stony Brook, and experience next-level range repairs.

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Viking Rangetops Repair Stony Brook

We make range top repair conveniently easy with our Viking rangetops repair in Stony Brook.

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Never worry about your cooktop failing you again when you book our Viking cooktop repair in Stony Brook.

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