Electric Oven vs. Gas Oven: Which Oven is Better to buy?

March 29, 2022

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You may hear about the electric and gas ovens, but are they different? What makes them different from each other? With different appliance brands available such as Viking, they also manufacture cooking appliances such as the oven, where they also have different Viking oven style, and each has its features. Regardless of the oven style, you may choose, overall, it provides convenience in cooking food.

Although the Viking appliance is designed to last, it will need an occasional repair throughout its lifespan. Fortunately, an available and certified Viking Repair Squad in New York can help you whenever your cooking appliance needs a Viking Oven repair. With the help of the professional repair technicians of Viking Repair Squad, this is to ensure that any issues that the appliance may have, regardless if it is an electric or gas oven, will be handled properly and safely.

Viking appliance makes the best high-quality kitchen appliance with the best features and durability, making your cooking experience like in a professional kitchen.

The Gas ovens use natural gas as their fuel source. On the other hand, the electric oven uses electricity to work. A good thing about this is you can purchase both types of oven as a part of a range, a unit that includes an oven and a cooktop.

A Gas Oven is a kitchen appliance that uses natural gas or propane as its fuel source. The gas oven heats the food via radiation from its burners located in its interior. The combusted gas also releases a small amount of moisture circulating in the air. The Electric Oven is also a kitchen appliance that works using electricity. For years, there have been many electric ranges that feature cooktops with electric coils. For new models, it favors a smooth top and induction cooktops. Like the gas ovens, the electric oven also has an interior heat element that warms the food via radiation.

If you are doing some remodeling on your kitchen or building a new one, choosing between the gas and electric oven can be overwhelming. But here’s their difference that you can consider:

AVAILABILITY: Most homes can have an electric oven. To install a gas oven, you will need to run a natural gas line to the kitchen. Before considering other factors, check out if your home can have a gas stove.

COOKTOPS: Many cooks, especially in professional kitchens, prefer to use gas stovetops to char the foods directly over the flame. Raising and lowering the flame provides an intuitive cooking experience. With the electric stovetops, it has more potential for even heat distribution. You may have to choose between an electric oven and a gas stovetop. Dual-fuel ranges feature an electric oven and a gas cooktop.

COST: The upfront cost of an oven depends more on whether it is a new model and what features it has that is the fuel source. The operating costs, however, are lower for the gas ovens. The gas oven is more energy-efficient than the electric oven. Natural gas is generally cheaper compared to electricity. However, electric ovens have the potential to run on renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power.

MOISTURE: The gas burners release some moisture into the air when it is in use which helps to keep the food moist. On the other hand, the electric ovens produce drier heat, which helps to roast food to crisp up.

SAFETY: Gas ovens are not particularly dangerous, but compared with electric ovens, they pose more safety risks, including gas leaks. Open-flame cooktops can cause fire to the kitchen, while induction cooktops do not feel hot to touch. Gas ovens can also release toxic nitrogen dioxide, so keeping your kitchen well ventilated is important.

SPEED: The electric cooktops take longer to reach the temperature set than the gas since their flames provide instant heat. New electric models, however, can outperform their gas counterparts. The new electric ovens are also faster to preheat than gas ovens.

Regardless of what type of oven you choose, both have pros and cons. Both provide what you need for better cooking.

Why are Viking Ovens So Good?

The Viking appliance provides a quality kitchen experience, and indeed they have the best ovens in the industry. The company offers the largest oven capacity, better convection, and better technology and convenience to use.

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