Electric or Gas: Which Viking Oven Should I Buy?

April 8, 2022

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Viking appliances have been producing top-of-the-line kitchen appliances for a long time. They are known for the professional-grade appliance that is made to be durable with innovative features, and it is easy and convenient to use. Aside from cooking appliances, they also have other appliances. You can also check the Ice Maker Overview for more details.

But, even a high appliance like a Viking oven can also experience or be prone to some issues and might need an occasional repair. Fortunately, a Viking Oven Repair technician from a certified Viking Repair Squad in Philadelphia. Whether the oven issue is minor or much more complicated, the repair technicians can quickly diagnose the problem to help identify the cause and proceed in doing the necessary repairs.

A Gas Oven uses natural gas or propane as its source of fuel. The gas oven heats the food through the radiation from the burners located in the oven interior. The combusted gas releases a small amount of moisture circulating in the air. The gas range is an appliance that also includes both an oven and an open-flame gas cooktop.

On the other hand, an electric oven is also a kitchen appliance that uses electricity. For years, many electric ranges have featured cooktops with electric coils. New models favor a smooth top and induction cooktops. Like the gas ovens, the electric oven has an interior heat element that warms food via radiation.

You may wonder, what are their differences? If you are remodeling or building a new home, you may have the option to choose between gas and electric appliances. Both have their differences which you can consider.

Availability – Most homes can accommodate an electric oven. To install the gas oven, you will need to run a natural gas line into the kitchen. Before you consider the other factors, first check out your home to see if it can accommodate the gas stove.

Costs – The upfront cost of an oven depends more on whether it is a new model and its features than its fuel source. The operating cost, however, is lower for gas ovens. Gas ovens are more energy-efficient than electric ones, and natural gas is generally cheaper than electricity. However, electric ovens have the potential to run on renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power.

Other differences are speed, safety, moisture, and cooktops.

Choosing which type of oven depends on your preferences. Both types of the oven have their differences, but it is a guarantee that regardless if it is an electric or gas oven, you will have a better and more convenient experience in cooking food using the appliance.


How long does the Viking Oven self-cleaning feature last?

The self-clean feature is almost available to new models of ovens. Depending on the model, the self-clean generally lasts three to three and half hours, with an additional 30 minutes to cool down period required.

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Viking oven is one of the appliance brand's high-end products. You can choose between electric or gas, and both have their differences and advantages. However, if it needs to be repaired, contact Viking Repair Squad to schedule an appointment for repair.