Discover the Many Reasons Why Your Refuses to Cool or Freeze

May 23, 2022

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Having a refrigerator that refuses to cool or freeze can be very upsetting. Your normal reaction would be to find out why you need our Viking Appliance Repair in Glendale. Don’t worry because we got some of the causes why your fridge is not cooling listed below!

These Issues Might Be Preventing Your Fridge From Doing Its Job

Pinpointing the main reason your refrigerator isn’t cooling, or freezing can be quite a challenge. However, there is a way to narrow down the suspects, and we were able to list six of them here.

  • Obstructed Vents

A meticulous balance of airflow enables your fridge to produce cooling or freezing air temperature. These temperatures are maintained by an array of external and internal vents. When these vents get blocked by things like lint, debris, or bits of food, the air temperature within the refrigerator can easily be disrupted, which leads to cooling or freezing issues that can be fixed by our Viking refrigerator repair.

  • Faulty Control Boards

Sometimes, the problem can be as obvious or subtle as a faulty control board. Modern fridges often have two circuit boards installed in them: a temperature control board and the main control board. If either of these control boards gets damaged or malfunctions, they can certainly affect the temperature output of your fridge. This is an issue that regular folks would have difficulty fixing, so we suggest getting our repair works.

  • The Thermostat Might Be Turned Off

More often than not, a small tweak to the thermostat’s temperature can make the temperature in your refrigerator rise. A child playing around with the thermostat dial, or a mischievous adult intentionally changing the temperature, can easily be why your fridge is not freezing or cooling. Try checking the thermostat and adjusting the temperature to see if it fixes the issue.

  • A Busted Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor

Having a busted refrigerator condenser fan motor can affect the temperature output of your refrigerator. The condenser fan motor pulls air past the condenser coils to cool it effectively. If your condenser fan motor is busted, this process gets interrupted and could make you overheat.

  • Condenser Coils Covered in Filth

Your fridge’s condenser coils are responsible for releasing heat from within the machine. A filthy condenser coil would mean that the refrigerator would have to exert more effort to release heat, which would, in turn, heat the motors and engine even more. Cleaning the condenser coil once a year is a good way to prevent cooling issues from appearing.

  • The Evaporator Fan Motor is Malfunctioning

One of the most important roles in your refrigerator’s mechanism is played by the evaporator fan motor. Its job is to gyrate cold air starting from the evaporator coils and spread it throughout the appliance. If it malfunctions, you’ll notice that your fridge is cold, but the compartment is quite humid.

Now that you know some of the reasons why the refrigerator isn’t cooling, the next step that you should take is to hire our excellent appliance repair jobs(if you’re from the area), so you can get your Viking fridge fixed!

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